RENCI's COVID-19 Response

Working closely with partner research institutions and the private sector, RENCI is adapting and extending its existing capabilities to accelerate COVID-19 response and research efforts. RENCI researchers are leaders in data science and in data-driven discoveries, and we want to use those talents to assist the larger international effort to slow the spread of the virus and search for treatments.

At a high level, our work in the area of COVID-19 research aims to:

  • Apply linked open data, including biomedical ontologies, to build in silico knowledge models of drugs, processes, and systems involved in the coronavirus disease and related diseases.
  • Present aggregated clinical statistical models and an open, privacy-preserving framework to expose, share, and analyze data on clinical correlates of disease and outcomes, environmental exposures, socio-economic indicators, and genotype data.
  • Provision notebook-based analytical environments with big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence capabilities to support access to the growing body of COVID-19 related datasets, as well as tools to analyze and explore the data.

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